Decred (DCR) was one of the first privacy focused coins, and was released in February 2016. Since then we’ve seen many changes in cryptocurrencies and the mining and trading of coins and tokens. Back in 2016 Decred was worth just $1, but as of July 2018 it is nearly $65 after nearly reaching $120 in May 2018.

Decred did decline with the broader market from January through April 2018, but it rebounded much faster and stronger than almost any other coin. It has since pulled back somewhat from its highs, but obviously there is an appetite for this coin among investors and traders.

This has also attracted the interest of miners who are interested in the profit potential from mining Decred. Many of them were using GPUs and mining pools for Decred mining, but over the past five months the attractiveness of mining Decred has dropped dramatically for one reason – ASICs.

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